mistakes people make when applying to jobs
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Five Mistakes You’re Making When Applying to Jobs

Applying for Jobs There are so many jobs out there and applying to the ones you want is intimidating. My current position allows me to hire people so, therefore, I have to look through applications and read resumes daily. I see so many cringe-worthy mistakes that immediately make me put the candidate to the side. …


How To Write a Lifestyle Blog (and how to start a blog!)

Lifestyle Blog Being a lifestyle blogger means that you’re in the broadest niche of blogging. Having a lifestyle blog can be tricky so what does it mean exactly? It means just that — the style of your life! What do you do? What do you like? How do you do things? What do you recommend? …

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How To Reduce Stress & Anxiety at Work

The Stress Work is stressful for most people. And most of us don’t get enough time to ourselves during the workday. Lowering stress levels can increase productivity levels. So, breaks at work are essential to working efficiently. I know that I need a few breaks during the day. Whether that is actually taking a fifteen-minute …

Professional Tips

The Truth About Postgrad Life (And How to Survive It)

The Fun Parts The Beginning The beginning was the best part for me. It was fresh and fun and I finally felt free from college and school in general. My postgrad life experience within the first couple of weeks was bliss. I moved in with my boyfriend, started really job hunting, and relaxed. The Fun …

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How To Be Professional & What You’re Doing Wrong

Your first time in a professional work environment can seem intimidating and tricky. But there are a few things that help make you seem, and eventually become, that true professional employee. Dress Code Dressing well regardless of your uniform, dress code, or preferred style is one of the most important things. Your attire is your …

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