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Intro to Dorm Room Essentials

When I went to college Amazon was my best friend. I was constantly finding some of the best deals using Amazon for my dorm room and college life. Plus you get a discount on Amazon Prime! I lived in traditional college-style dorms for the first two years of my undergraduate career. There were two people per room and we had normal-sized twin beds (so no extra long sheets needed for me). You can view what you need for your dorm room freshman year here.

Desk Lamp With Charging Port

If you’re living in a dorm room, chances are you are limited on space. This lamp brings light to your little space (great for night-time studies), and charges your phone. So, you can sit at your desk and charge everything next to you instead of having everything on the other side of the room. A lot of dorms don’t have the best electrical outlet placements. So this is a great addition to any dorm.

Bedside Hanging Caddy

This is a serious game changer. Hook this to the side of your bed and keep things like your phone, pens and pencils for studying, snacks, medication, remotes, chargers, tablets, etc. If you have a raised bed in your dorm, or a bunk bed with the desk underneath, this will make sure you don’t have to hop down from your bed one hundred times to grab something. You can keep everything close to you!

Charging Bank

You’re busy in college. It’s a fact. Sometime’s you’ll zonk out without plugging your phone in. Sometimes you’ll be running around all day long and your phone dies. But this little gadget is perfect to slip in your bag and keep with you. Just don’t forget the cord!

Shower Caddy

If you live in a dorm with a communal bathroom, this is a must. You can take all of your toiletries, a towel, and fresh clothes with you to the bathroom. This one is large enough to carry everything and is only $8!

Lanyard & ID Carrier

This Vera Bradley lanyard and ID pouch was the THING when I went to college. Every. Single. Girl had them. Mine was blue and Amazon carries a lot of different prints that you can choose from. But look how cute this purple is! You get the lanyard and ID pouch for $24. That’s cheap for Vera Bradley. This set also comes in handy because it allows you to always have your dorm key and student ID on you at all times (which you should).

Rolling Hamper

I didn’t have a rolling hamper. I lived on the third floor and the laundry was in the basement. Even when I used the elevator is was such a pain to drag my laundry bag, and dryer sheets, and detergent all the way downstairs and then back up again when I was done. I really wish I had this. I saw other students with this and was so jealous. I just couldn’t justify buying another hamper when I already had one. Don’t make my mistake!


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