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Introduction to Hosting & Blogging

I’m sure you’ve seen the posts on Pinterest, “Start a blog in three easy steps,” “Start a blog cheap!” These can be true and most of the time can work out for you as you try to start your blog. However, my experience was different.

I started my blog with Wix which was a huge mistake. I liked Wix at first because I was familiar with it. I took a class in college that used Wix and I felt that it was the perfect way for me to easily design my blog and hopefully start monetizing.

I was half right. I started to monetize–a bit. I installed AdSense and started earning pennies at a time. I soon realized that I needed more out of my blog that Wix just wasn’t going to give me. I wanted to install different plugins. I wanted more freedom. I wanted a website built for blogging.

So, I did some research and landed on Siteground. Siteground was perfect for me. They’re fast, reliable, and the cheapest option. For a year you pay around $47 which is way cheaper than BlueHost at around $150 per year.

So, here’s how to start.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “WordPress Hosting Get Started.”

3. I picked “StartUp” because I only have one website and simply just needed hosting. Feel free to choose the option that’s best for you and your hosting needs! I do not currently get more than 10,000 visits a month but when I do I will obviously upgrade. You can also choose GrowBig to up your webspace and you can host unlimited websites. I know a lot of bigger bloggers use this option. My goal is to grow to at least 25,000 visitors, so I will be upgrading when I get to that point!

4. You can either register a new domain or transfer a domain you already have under “enter domain.” If you have a domain make sure to type it in. You will need a code from your current provider. I got mine from Wix by going to “settings,” then “domain,” and then “transfer away from Wix.” If you need a tutorial on how to transfer your domain to Siteground click here.

5. Then, you put your information in and pay! I did not purchase the site scanner and paid this exact price. I did pay an extra $15 to actually transfer my domain from Wix after I paid for the hosting. Transfering a domain always has a fee connected to it so I bit the bullet and did it. Transfering took seven days for me because Wix waits that amount of time to transfer. Patience is key with Wix (ugh)!

Again, if you’re looking for a host to start your blog choose Siteground! They’re truly amazing.

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