i love blogging& Pinterest. One could say i'm obsessed.

Good news though. I’m here to help you with your blogging goals. I started my first blog, From Student to Teacher, in 2018. I launched it and *crickets.* Then, I went to grad school for a year (bad idea) and when I decided to no longer continue my graduate journey I launched the blog I have now in 2019. I had always wanted a blog. I love writing. I love creating things and having a blog people went to was my DREAM. If this is your dream too, make sure you subscribe so I can update you on all things blogging and Pinterest related!

blogging & lifestyle

Kay’s Life did begin as a lifestyle blog and you can still find all of those posts on my site. They aren’t going anywhere. However, my passion is writing about blogging. So that is at the forefront of my site. With that being said I love to write about other things like mental health, beauty, traveling, and what it’s like to be a dog mom to a sassy Australian Shepherd.ย 

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