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Mental Health Professional Tips

How To Reduce Stress & Anxiety at Work

The Stress Work is stressful for most people. And most of us don’t get enough time to ourselves during the workday. Lowering stress levels can increase productivity levels. So, breaks at work are essential to working efficiently. I know that I need a few breaks during the day. Whether that is actually taking a fifteen-minute …

College Tips Mental Health

Why I’m Dropping Out of Grad School

Oh, what a title. To be clear, I never ever thought I would be dropping out of school. I was basically a straight A student all throughout high school (besides math), and even throughout attending my university I received A’s and B’s with the occasional C in, again, my math courses. I graduated with my …

Essential Oils Mental Health

An Essential Oil Blend That Puts You to Sleep

I would be lying if I said this blend contains more than five oils and you must have the perfect diffuser. You don’t need either of those. What you do need is: Eucalyptus essential oil (4 drops) Lavender essential oil (6 drops) Frankincense essential oil (4 drops) A diffuser of your choice Add water to …

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