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mistakes people make when applying to jobs

Applying for Jobs

There are so many jobs out there and applying to the ones you want is intimidating. My current position allows me to hire people so, therefore, I have to look through applications and read resumes daily. I see so many cringe-worthy mistakes that immediately make me put the candidate to the side. If you want to stay in the running and land that job, keep reading.

Not Attaching the Correct Resume or File

This. Happens. Every. Day. I see a prospective candidate, click their application, try to open their resume and BAM it’s an infographic on how to use Google Docs. Ouch. I immediately disregard them, their contact information, and their application. Uploading a file is quite an easy task and if they cannot even ensure they are uploading their resume they obviously won’t be detail-oriented enough to do well at the position I am looking to fill.

Not Having a Good Reason For Applying

Your only reason for applying to a job may just be because you really need a job. But never, under any circumstances, tell a hiring manager that. Each candidate they’re interviewing or screening needs or wants a job. It is not a good enough reason to set you apart from the rest. The people who have a real answer to that question move forward. So if you have ever told an interviewer that and you didn’t get the job. That may be why.

Doing No Research on the Company

When applying for a job you should know about the company you’re trying to become apart of. If you don’t, do a quick Google search. Try to understand exactly what they do. It will give you a better idea of what exactly they may expect from you as well. It should give you an idea if they are casual or formal and your research will also help with that question above. Why are you applying?

Not Following Up On Your Application

Applying to the job is not the only part of the application process. You should follow up within a week of applying if you haven’t heard anything. You can send an email to the hiring manager or call and ask for the status of your application. This makes you seem very serious about the position. If the hiring manager isn’t in or does not respond to the email do not hound them. They may not be interested in you as a candidate and incessantly contacting them will not help your case. A company should let you know if they are moving on with another candidate, but some may not so learn to take the hint as well. They will be forward with if they want you to join them.

Not Asking Questions During the Interview

I am, as well as so many others, guilty of this. But ask questions during the phone screening and during the interview. When you apply and read the advertisement for the job think of questions to ask and even write them down. If you have a phone interview use your questions when asked if you have any questions or let them know you have questions. It makes you seem interested as a candidate. The last thing the hiring manager wants is you to be completely silent during an interview. They want to know who you are and what you can do within the first few minutes. That means a pleasant tone of voice, good posture and body language, and actually answering the questions given instead of yes or no answers.

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