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Shoes You Won’t Want to Take Off for Every Season

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I’ve been on the hunt for comfy shoes that don’t pinch my toes or restrict my flat arches by forcing them up with stiff “arch support” pretty much my whole life. The good news is I think I’ve finally found a few. These are my tried and true absolute best shoes.

1. Under Armor Charged Bandit 3 Running Shoe



If I had to pick one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of my life it would be these. I choose these almost everyday for everything–walking, running, biking, grocery shopping, taking the trash out–everything. I have mine in a white, gray, and black pattern (the same as the picture). They match my very jewel toned and black wardrobe. They’re simply perfect.

2. Crocs Literide Sandals



These sandals are comfy, scooshy, and wonderful. I was instantly drawn to them because of their sporty look. But after visiting Crocs actual website, I realized (from their models) that you can wear them with dresses, skirts, and pretty much the rest of your closet. They have various colors, but I went with the white sole and light gray straps. I thought the lighter color was summery, but neutral enough to match a lot of my wardrobe while being different than a basic black sandal.

3. Adidas NMD


I got these as a present and I love them. They’re perfect. My pair are white with a very, very almost undetectable purple hue to the accents and laces on the shoe. I believe the color was called “white/orchid” and is pictured on the left. They’re comfy, wide enough for my short, fat feet and very stylish. They’re incredibly sporty and I love them for that. The sole is very cushioned and a dream to walk on. It’s the perfect walking shoe.

4. Vans Slip-Ons


I bought these about two years ago at a Journey’s in my local mall. They were $45 and quite a splurge for me but I was in love with how quick they were to put on, how simple they were, and how they matched literally everything. They did take a week or so to break in but they’re perfect now. They’re one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. They’re battered, faded, and worn but they’re my babies and they’re not going anywhere. They’re a spring staple for me and piece of my wardrobe I am happy to rediscover every year at this time.

5. Columbia Minx Shorty Snow Boot


I went to school in Edinboro, PA. It snows. It snows so bad. I walked to class in snow, ice, sleet, rain–anything you can imagine. These boots lasted me three years (and are still kickin’). They are great on ice. They are warm. They are waterproof, but only for the first year. In their defense, I didn’t take care of these boots properly. The ones I bought were suede by the toes and after about a year the waterproof covering on the material didn’t work. But a good boot spray would definitely keep them working. Columbia also sells non-suede versions of this boot as well as a taller version which I kicked myself for not buying when I had to wade through waist deep snow to my night classes. They’re battle worn and, I say, survived. I WILL be re-buying when they finally kick the bucket.


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