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I am obsessed with the idea of working from home and I hope to one day make a full-time income doing just that. I am currently working on growing this blog and monetizing it as well. If you aren’t following my Pinterest page click here.

Because of my obsession with working from home, I have researched A LOT on Pinterest on companies who hire remote workers. Rev is one of them. They are a transcription, captioning, and translating service providers. However, they hire freelance transcriptionists, captioners, and translators. I initially was the most interested in captioning. I love reading captions when I watch videos and thought it would be a really cool thing to do. Although, I applied to be a transcriptionist because I feel it was a more marketable skill for any other future employment.

Things you need:

– A reliable computer.

– Great typing skills.

– Basic grammar skills.

– Access to high speed internet.

– A good pair of headphones.

– Time.

1. Go to Scroll down to “freelance.”

2. Then, click sign up to be a Rev Freelancer!

3. Choose which path you would like to do in the “position” slot.

4. Study up on some basic grammar skills. You will have to take a short grammar test.

5. Do the mock transcription or captioning test!

6. After you take the test, they will email you within a day or so. I was accepted within two hours.

7. After you are accepted, you are given paid training projects. I got paid $5.31 for finishing my training videos. You are paid every Monday via PayPal. A twenty five to thirty minute video or audio project usually pays around $10-$12. Keep in mind that a half hour transcription can take an hour or more depending on your skill level and typing speed. Also, the more you do and the better you are the more money you make.


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