How To Make a Brand Board Using Canva (it's free!)

You see branding and logo-making everywhere in the world of blogging. But how do you create your own inspo board? How do you choose your fonts? And how do you bring it all together?

Let’s Begin — Easy Branding

Well, let’s start with the free web application that makes it super easy — Canva. Head to, click “create a design”, and choose to create an Infographic. This size will allow you to fit everything on one page.

Next Step: Logo

Below you can see my workspace and my finished brand board which has my logo, my color scheme with my hex codes, my inspiration pictures, and my font choices.

So, let’s start with the logo. This is super simple. I created my logo with Adobe Illustrator. It is just the font “Barrington” which is a free, downloadable font with my blog name. I angled the word “life” and made it a different color to bring the logo to life. It’s simple, scripted, and girly.

Then, I exported the logo to a PNG and made sure the background was transparent. Then, I uploaded it to Canva by clicking “uploads” and dragging the PNG file into the upload space.

Then, drag your logo from the uploads tab and center at the top of the page.

Color Scheme & Hex Codes

Next in my brand board is my color scheme. To do this, I simply dragged a circle shape found in the “elements” tab. I made sure to make one of them the correct size and then hit “duplicate” in the top right-hand corner of the workspace.

Then, I made sure to use my hex codes to get my accurate colors. My colors were saved in Adobe Illustrator. So, I retrieved them from there. If your colors are in RGB or CMYK for some reason there are a few websites that can give you the accurate hex code using RBG or CMYK.

Then, I used a text box and put the hex codes below the colors so I won’t lose them and they’ll be easy to look back on. For the white, I put another circle behind it and made it a light gray so the white was viewable.

Inspiration Board

My inspo board was a few random pictures that I love and that I made my color scheme off of. The colors aren’t perfect matches but again–they’re just inspiration!

So, using the “elements” tab again I used a square frame to place the photos inside. Again, just like the circles for the color scheme, I placed one frame down, sized it, and then duplicated it for the rest of the frames.

My inspiration board consists of dusty, dusky rose colors like my color scheme. It has flowers I love, coffee, a perfume I use, and a neutral magazine page.


Now, Canva may not have your font if you used a different software or app to make your logo. This is fine! Canva didn’t have my fonts either. So, I opened Adobe Illustrator, typed my font names in the font, and exported the PNG to (again) upload into Canva. So, my fonts are actually just a picture of my fonts from Adobe Illustrator. Then place that upload below your inspiration collage.

My finished brand board:

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