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how to stay positive

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how to stay positive
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Why Staying Positive is Hard

July has been a big month for me. A lot has changed in such a short amount of time. I started a new job. I am in the process of moving which means I’ve applied to places and need to start packing soon. I have learned a lot this month so far even though it’s only the 13th. I know now that my attitude has a lot to do with my staying positive. Although I can’t always direct my inner thoughts to positivity I can at least realize I am thinking negative thoughts and correct them.

What I’ve Learned

It’s hard to stay positive.

This is obvious to a lot of people. It’s so easy to let negative thoughts seep into your mind and stew there. But with negativity comes bad decisions. I have spent the entire last year of my life trying to find what I want to do. Have I found it? No. Has my mindset changed lately? Yes.

I have started things and ended things before giving them a chance (not talking about grad school though–I gave too much of my time to that.) Last summer I applied to teach ESL online to Chinese children. I made a background for my “teaching station” and started the training with QKids. But, I didn’t finish the training. Teaching English online sparked so much anxiety in me that I sent them a very kind email explaining that I would no longer be moving forward with them. I was frustrated with myself. I felt like I had no self-control and that I used to be able to make myself do things I didn’t want to do (but had to do) all the time and I didn’t have that ability anymore.

So, I went to grad school. If you want to hear my story about that click here. Essentially, I talked myself into wanting to teach because I was at a loss as to what to do with my life after graduating college. So my solution was to go back to school! It didn’t work out and now I am working at a marketing agency that focuses on product demonstrations and in-person marketing. My job so far has been to essentially call and book people for events. It’s stable and practical and has benefits. Pretty good for post-college in 2019.

How To Have Positive Thoughts

I listen to affirmations that I record myself using the app My Affirmations. It has a white background with a purple lotus logo. On the app you can either use their affirmations or add your own and you can record yourself saying them. There are different playlists for things like confidence, wealth, etc.

My favorite affirmations are:

I believe in myself.

I trust myself.

Life is getting better all the time.

Others look up to me because of my positive attitude.

People love to pay me.

My money is abundant.

I see abundance everywhere.

Every time I find myself thinking something negative I stop myself now. I do not want to be sad or mad or frustrated. I want to be happy. It is a mindset that I control. So, that’s what I do. That doesn’t mean I still don’t have bad days or negative thoughts. But I don’t push them away. I find out why I feel that way and find an affirmation that alieves the worry or source of anger. That way I am not pushing down feelings in the name of positive thinking, but I am working past my emotions and rewiring my thinking.

This practice takes time. It takes more than positive quotes on Pinterest. It takes more than watching motivational videos. It takes more than mantras and affirmations. It takes wanting to be happy and working toward nothing less than being happy. Rewiring your thoughts takes time. Be patient, and overall, be happy.


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