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What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an amazing Pin scheduler that tracks which pins do the best and how much traffic each pin brings to your blog. In other words – you need it! Pinterest loves and rewards users for constantly pinning in about a sixty to forty ratio meaning 60% of the pins you schedule come from other sources (not your blog) and 40% or less come from your domain (URL).

Perks of Tailwind:

  • They track how well your pins and boards are doing and how many re-shares they have gotten from other Tailwind users.
  • You can schedule pins to ensure Pinterest rewards you for consistent usage.
  • You are sharing content from similar platforms and niches as you (if using tribes) so your pins stay on brand.
  • It helps you space out pins within a particular time frame so you don’t spam your followers with content.

The most valuable part of Tailwind, in my opinion, are the Tribes you can become a part of. Joining a tribe is kind of like becoming a collaborator on a Pinterest board without having to message anyone or ask to join. Tailwind allows you to join up to five tribes and if you have a multi-faceted blog you can join five tribes that are totally different from each other. Or if you blog about one thing you can find five tribes that are similar in content but have different users in them. It’s important to note that you only want to share your own pins to tribes. Not other people’s pins. Why using tribes is important:

  • You are putting your content in front of other bloggers who may have a following larger than yours.
  • You are allowing your content to be shared again and again.
  • Many tribes have a 1:1 ratio you must follow. This means for every pin you post in the tribe you must repost a pin. This allows for optimal sharing.

Is It Easy to Use?

I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a learning curve to using Tailwind. However, after you get used to their platform it’s easy as pie to schedule pins. When you first sign up for Tailwind (which you can get a free month here), it will ask you to link your Pinterest account. Easy! Then, there will be an option to download their Chrome (or other browser) extension. They now even have an app where you can share pins you’d like to schedule to Tailwind (this app is available for both Apple and Android users). I use both the extension and app to schedule my pins on a weekly basis. I make sure on Saturdays to sit down and schedule pins from both my Pinterest home page and the tribes I am apart of. Then, I place my own content in between those shared pins and viola! I’m done pinning for the week. Tailwind will pin those scheduled pins automatically for me which will boost my traffic without me lifting a finger during the week which is great because I also work full-time!

How Exactly Does it Bring More Traffic?

You’re not going to see an explosion in traffic overnight. It is best to invest in Tailwind and actually purchase their yearly or monthly plan as it allows you to schedule more pins. However, consistent usage is what will help your traffic the most. You also want to make sure you are pinning at optimal times for your specific Pinterest account. If you are not using a Pinterest Business account should should convert your account immediately before using Tailwind. When converting to a business account Pinterest will track your analytics as well. A part of the analytics Pinterest tracks is what times you receive the most engagement on your pins. Use these times to schedule your specific pins from your URL. Then schedule other pins not from your blog around, but close, to these times and days.

You also want to make sure you are using the right size pin image. Canva has a template for a Pinterest post. You can easily use this and Canva is free! Make sure you are using warmer, brighter colors and on-brand fonts. You want to make the pin image simple to read and ensure it has similar wording to the title you give your pin. Make sure you are using long-tail keywords in your description and Pinterest has also been rewarding users for using hashtags in their descriptions as it is new to Pinterest and they want to see this feature being used. It also helps your specific pin to be found by other uses. After doing this make sure you pin to your Tailwind tribes and also schedule it. Make more than one Pinterest image and re-pin multiple different images for the same post. Then, pay attention to which image worked and converted better! Then, try to implement these types of designs and images the next time you pin. Then, complete the process and stay consistent!

My Two Favorite Ways to Schedule a Pin

The First Way | Straight from Pinterest

So, you will need to have the extension downloaded to do it this way. Below you can see the blue Tailwind logo when I hover over a pin on Pinterest. If you click that a window will pop up where you can choose which board you want to schedule it to and you can change the description of the pin as well.

If you click that a window will pop up where you can choose which board you want to schedule it to and you can change the description of the pin as well.

Above, you can see where you could change the description, where you would choose the board, and as you can see the title does not match the image. So, I can change the title to something like “Blogging Tips for Beginners.” Then, when I am ready to schedule the pin you just click “Add to Queue Now.” If you would like to change the time or date you can do that on your scheduler page on Tailwind.

The Second Way | From a Tribe

So, the first thing you want to do is log on to your Tailwind dashboard. Then, hit the people icon on the left side of your screen. There should be a drop down menu where you can choose which tribe you would like to pin from. Then, select your pin. So, let’s say someone wanted to re-pin my pin below:

They would select which board they would like to pin it to and hit “add to queue.” Then, my pin would be added to their scheduler and show up on their Pinterest account when that pin goes live.

A Quick Guide from Tailwind!


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