How To Write a Lifestyle Blog (and how to start a blog!)

how to write a lifestyle blog

Lifestyle Blog

Being a lifestyle blogger means that you’re in the broadest niche of blogging. Having a lifestyle blog can be tricky so what does it mean exactly? It means just that — the style of your life! What do you do? What do you like? How do you do things? What do you recommend? In most lifestyle blogs those are the questions that are answered.

So, is a lifestyle blog lucrative? It can be. Or — it can’t. If I’m being honest I make pennies off of my blog — but pennies I make! I have worked quite hard on my website over the past months to try to improve my SEO tactics. Being a lifestyle blog makes this harder simply because it broadens the amount of research I need to conduct to achieve anything successful in terms of SEO.

What is SEO? How do you implement it? Click here.

If you want to start your blog click here! I have a complete list of how to begin. If you haven’t started a blog you really should follow that link. Click it. I’ll wait.


Writing is hard. It may come very easy to you and at times it may seem worse than pulling your own teeth. You need to find the sweet spot. How do you balance what your SEO tactics guide you to write about and how do you write about things that you enjoy and care about? Finding this allows you to write better. It allows you to find your voice for your blog and establish a persona. Your blog’s brand isn’t just the color scheme and logo. It is the person you are portraying through your writing by implementing your voice.

A lifestyle blog also allows you to write about multiple topics. Instead of only talking about crafts or making vegan food — you’re open to your entire life! You can write about your weekend getaway and how to plan one (oh, free blog idea). You can write about your family, meal prepping, traveling, advice, mental health — just anything. If it’s your life and you have the gumption to put it into words and it helps others — write it.

Really, your blog is your little space on the internet to share your expertise and anything that you have to add to the world. Create a brand, find your voice, and write!

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