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May 2017. Galway. Dublin. Derry. Belfast.

I love Ireland. Here are the pictures of my adventures in May of 2017. I went with a group of about fifteen people from Edinboro University and I took a summer class in Irish History while there that counted toward my minor in History. The people are wonderful and the country is beautiful. My pictures do not do it justice. Also, I got a sunburn in Ireland?

Edinboro chose to go through a third party, which was EF College Study Tours. My trip cost around $3,000. Thankfully EF Tours allows payment plans and my family and I started paying early. If you go on a trip with EF they plan everything, including airfare and hotels or other housing. Depending on the trip, some dinners are included. Our tour guide, Michael, was an Irishman. He was incredibly nice and extremely intelligent about every place we went to.

If you go you must eat Irish brown bread, try Costa hot chocolate, and also the local beer in Galway. There was a lot more that I ate there, but that is what sticks out to me. I, of course, ate Irish stew, roast beef, fish and chips, an Irish breakfast every morning I was in Dublin, and by the end of the trip I caved into my American cravings and had a burger. It was all glorious. I miss it often.

You also must go to a local bar and relish in live Irish music with a beer of your choice, or of my choice, which is Guinness–of course.

I traveled to Galway, Dublin, Derry (for a few hours) and Belfast. They’re all amazing, but if I had to choose, Galway was my favorite!

My must-see sites were Poulnabrone Dolmen, Newgrange, the Cliffs of Moher, Giant’s Causeway, and the Carrick-a-rede Bridge! Shop street in Galway is really fun too. If you love quaint shops, live music, and local beer you are in for a treat!


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