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Staying Calm During Coronavirus (Covid-19)


The Symptoms & Facts

The coronavirus symptoms are pretty broad. A dry cough, a fever, possible body aches, possible sore throat. It sounds like the common cold or flu but according to those who’ve had it — it’s far from it.

Coronavirus is scary. We don’t know much about it. It seems to be a silent killer for those with weakened immune systems, respiratory diseases, and even those just older in age. What we do know can be found on the CDC’s website.

What To Do

The real question is what do I do and how can I stay calm? If you’re like me, you’re already an anxious person. That sniffle has you staying awake at night. Your mind is powerful. Your thoughts can change things. So, try to stay optimistic. If you’re a regular, healthy young adult like me chances are, even if you were to become infected, you would survive. So there’s the bright side. If healthy, the statistics are in your favor.

Worried about the not-so-healthy loved ones? Me too. Here’s the thing. You cannot control the circumstances and that is where the anxiety comes from. Tell your loved ones to stay safe. Try to provide them with what they need — support. And most importantly — stay away. You are most likely the one to bring the virus to them by traveling to them, getting items for them, etc. Stay put and take care of yourself. Act like you’re on a plane and the oxygen masks dropped. Put yours on first.

Monitor your temperature and have your family do the same — especially if you’re quarantined with them. If your temperature rises above 100 degrees and you are showing other coronavirus symptoms call your medical provider right away. If you are coughing and cannot catch your breath seek medical attention as soon as possible.

I’ve taken my dog, Ellie, for a walk almost every day. It’s good to get fresh air. I’ve grocery shopped because we needed food and necessities. But I have not willingly left my home for something I didn’t need.

Stay healthy my friends. Stay home. This will pass. Things will get better. Take care of yourself. Take care of your family. And make sure to open the window every once in a while. This is not an airborne virus. Fresh air is healthy for the mind and body.

One thing this pandemic has taught me is that I needed to spend more time with my boyfriend, my puppy, and my family. I’ve taken this as a mini-staycation and taken a breath. My situation is 100% not ideal right now but I am alive and healthy. So I am great.

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