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1. Under Armor Bandit Running Shoes

These are the best shoes and were featured in my “Five Shoes You Won’t Want to Take Off” post here. They are comfy, have enough support for my feet, and don’t pinch my toes. I have short, wide feet and these are absolutely perfect.


2. Crocs Literide Sandal

The sole on this sandal is rubber, smooth, and cushioned. I love slipping these on and running errands. I also think they’ll hold up with a day trip to Universal. So I’m popping them in my suitcase for sure! These were also featured in my post linked above.


3. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 – Kids

I have really small feet so I can get away with wearing kids sizes when it benefits me. So, I snagged a pair on Amazon for practically half off (they’re usually $40). The soles on these are like walking on air and the fabric that holds your feet to the sandal is so soft. I cannot wait to wear these because I know I can count on them.


4. Floopi Sandals

I shouldn’t technically be putting these on here because I just ordered them and they’re not even in my possession yet. I ordered them because the reviews were positive and the description said the foot bed is memory foam (YES). So, I figured, “Hey, it’s Amazon. If I don’t like it I can return for free.” So if I like these enough to actually keep and take with me I will. If not, I will update this post. No update means I took them!



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