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Our Plan

We weren’t originally sure how long we wanted to go to Universal or how many parks we wanted to visit. But we ended up just meeting some friends for a day at the Universal Studios park.

The Rides

Revenge of the Mummy

We rode the Revenge of the Mummy first. I had been to Universal Studios (US) before and this had been one of my favorite rides while there. So we got in line after a confusing locker rental situation (we had digital tickets and you need to get a little locker ticket from one of the workers to scan). The wait time said 45 minutes but we got through in about 30. I don’t want to spoil any of the rides but this one can be quite creepy especially for kids. I don’t recommend this for kids at all really. This is a “hot ride” meaning there’s “fire” and it feels HOT. It gives a great effect though.

Ripe Ride Rock It

This is the big red rollercoaster in US. This is probably my favorite ride in the park. I went from a scardy cat who rode nothing to the bigger the coaster the better in a matter of two years. This is the most thrilling ride in the park because it’s a true coaster. You get to pick a song for the ride. I picked Glamorous by Fergie. It takes you up at ninty degrees for 17 stories and drops at a fairly steep angle. It’s only a 167 foot drop compared to Cedar Point’s Millennium Force which is about a 305 foot drop. Still a good thrill though!

Escape From Gringotts

This was one of the best coaster/CGI rides. If you love Harry Potter this is a must. The line for the ride takes you through Gringotts bank which is absolutely gorgeous. The CGI is the best in the park and it’s actually a pretty long ride.ย 

Men in Black Alien Attack

This ride is pretty cool if you like video games. You go in a cart and get to shoot alien’s! You’re treated as if you’re in Men in Black training camp and it’s a training simulation at first until the aliens attack!

Fast & Furious

This was easily the longest wait of the day. The line takes you through the Fast & Furious garage and videos with the cast of the movies play while you wait. It’s pretty cool. They have a lot of cars on display and it looks like a true, high-tech car garage. The ride itself is pretty much all CGI. You get into buses and the crew helps you escape from danger.ย 

Tips for Universal

  1. Bring a re-fillable water bottle. Universal will give you free water at any restaurant or food stand. It’s a life saver.
  2. Bring a cool towel. All you need to do is get them wet and they will instantly get cold. Use them to stay cool in the heat!
  3. Don’t bring bags if you don’t have to. Use a flip belt for keys, tickets, and your phone. If you do bring a bag only bring one or something very small to carry things in like a fanny pack. The worst thing about Universal compared to Disney is that they require you to put your bags in lockers for a lot of the rides and if you go during the summer you’re essentially waiting in line to put your bag away and then waiting in line again to ride the ride.ย 


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