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Above is what I plan to bring in my Disney bag to the parks. I am going to go through each section and explain why I am bringing each item.

Drinks & Snacks

1. Empty water bottle (2-3)

I have two water bottle but there are three of us going so I added two to three here. This is a no brainer! You need water while in the parks and you can get free water while there. So, as soon as we get in we can fill our bottles up.

2. Ice Packs

This is a simple one too. It’s to keep the water cool in the bag!

3. Granola Bars/Protein Bars/Apples

These are because we plan on riding rides mostly as much as we can. I do plan on stopping to eat but I am not used to the Florida heat and the last time I was at Disney I felt very light headed and had to stop to get a drink and eat something to up my blood sugar (so the apples are really for me). My boyfriend likes protein bars so those are for him. And the granola bars are for everyone!

Money & Tickets

This is pretty straightforward too. You need your tickets or bands to get in and ride all the rides. You also need your cards and cash to buy treats (we didn’t purchase a dining plan).

Toiletries & Medicine

1. Pads & Tampons

Traveling can cause unexpected periods to happen. It has happened to me before but with only international travel. But you never know!

2. Lip Balm/Chapstick with SPF

I have gotten burnt lips before and it’s horrible! So, I’m bringing my own chapstick or lip balm with SPF! And so is everyone else!

3. Sunscreen

You need sunscreen in Florida! And I have extremely fair skin that burns easily (and so does my boyfriend) so we need a higher SPF that is applied more frequently. My sunscreen regimen is to put sunscreen lotion on after a shower and then when we get to the park we use the spray sunscreen to make sure we’re covered!

4. Bug Spray

Bugs seem to love me and Florida is very buggy. So, I plan on bringing this. Especially for places like my ankles and around my neck.

5. Advil

I always seem to get a headache at the worst times so I always bring a pain killer with me whether it’s Tylenol, Advil, Ibuprofen, etc.

6. TUMS/Rolaids

I am lactose intolerant and as much as TUMS won’t help with the inevitable if I ingest dairy it can soothe the after effects. Also, with new foods that I’m not used to who know! I may over indulge and need something to settle my stomach.

7. Bandaids/Moleskin Patches

Blisters! I feel like walking everywhere all day long when your feet are probably sweaty blisters are inevitable. So, I’m planning on using moleskin on the “hot spots” in my shoes to reduce friction and then using a bandaid if I need it.


1. Packable Rain Coat/Rain Ponchos

I will most likely buy those cheap plastic ponchos for a few dollars and throw them in the bag. They’re a just-in-case item!

2. Cool Towel/Cooling Neck Ties

These are something you can freeze the night before and place around your neck. The bag I’m bringing has an insulated pocket in it for the ice packs, water bottles, and these! Staying cool is very important.

3. Extra Socks

I tend to wear thinner socks in the summer but they don’t necessarily protect your feet from blisters. So I’m planning on bringing extra, thicker socks in case I need them!


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